The Dangers Associated With Starting a Home Based Business

There are often times many people who are afraid to try any home based business. Why? Often it is due to the fact that there are so many scams around that it can be difficult to tell the good companies from the bad, and some would just rather avoid that at all costs.

So how do you start a home bases business if you don’t know who or what you can trust? How do you build a business online when you are not sure what you are going to do, or even you’re your options may be?

You can make money working from home, and from your internet business. The key to becoming successful with your online business is to first decide what you are going to do. Deciding what you are going to do is a lot easier than it sounds and too often we make the mistake of making it more difficult than it has to be.

For example, if you are an artist and you love to create, you can take a course in web design or graphic design and you can become a freelancer. Your internet business would be creating logos and web pages for other customers. You would in essence be paid to do what you enjoy doing.

Maybe you like products; you can become an independent secret shopper and get paid to shop. This would be your home business, and you can work it both online and when you get out.

Your other option is one of the more traditional home based businesses; these are considered the Network Marketing businesses. This is the business of building relationships and usually involves a company for which you are a distributor. You are paid on the sales of your customers and commissions on the sales of your direct distributors as well. In some cases you are also paid bonus commissions. Now these bonuses vary from company to company so they should not be expected unless you specifically seek out a business that offers these additional incentives.

Earning money with an online business is very possible and in fact more and more people are finding ways to do this online. The key to finding the right home based business for you is to first (as I mentioned earlier) determine what you enjoy doing and start from there.

Whatever you do, don’t allow someone to tell you what you should be doing online. When you start to allow others to determine the road that you are going to take this is when you will find yourself without money and without a friend. This is the trap that too many people fall into.

Also, do not spend more than you can afford. There is no good reason for you to do this. There are a lot of people who will try to convince you that it is in your best interest to buy the larger package, or to buy this lead package, or advertising, but in the end this is YOUR business and you need to do what you can feel comfortable doing.

The Finer Points of Internet Auctions


Penny auctions have exploded in popularity with the massive growth of the internet. However, few people know the true origins of penny auctions.Beginnings actually stretch back to the Great Depression. Those were hard times for everyone, but even harder for farmers. Farmers struggled to bring in steady income because of droughts and crops not selling as well as they had previously. As a result, the banks would foreclose on the farmers who couldn’t keep up with their mortgage payments.

The banks weren’t satisfied with just repossessing the house, they wanted to raise as much capital as possible, so they resorted to selling off the possessions of the owners of the repossessed houses. There was not much the farmers could do about it so they began bidding ridiculously low prices, pennies, on the items while threatening others who dared to bid higher than a few pennies.

The auctions of today hardly resemble their tremulous beginnings. Being part of a penny auction today is exhilarating, fun, and addictive. It combines the selling format of auctioning with a little bit of chance factored in.Auctions are a game of strategy but also a game of luck.

The premise behind penny auctions is giving people the chance to win an item at a drastically reduced price.Auctions make that possible by spreading out the cost of the product among multiple bidders. In order for a person to take part in an auction, they must pay a set price for each bid. For example, if a person wanted to bid on a fifty dollar Amazon gift card then he would spend a dollar for each time a bid placed. If he ended up winning the gift card, then he would only have spent a few dollars for a fifty dollar gift card. Usually penny auctions sell bids in packages.


The main foundation of penny auctions is the pay-per-bid format. It is the key that allows bidders to win items at the fraction of their retail value and allows the auction owners to keep their site profitable. Most y auction sites run on the same premise: people pay a set amount for each bid, whenever a person places a bid within the closing seconds of the auction time will be added, the last person left with a unique bid after the clocks runs out will win the item. There are a large variety of items that can be won, but they tend to be popular electronics or gift cards to popular stores.

There are two types of auctions: lowest unique bid auction and highest unique bid auction. Lowest unique auction sounds confusing but it is actually quite simple. A unique bid is when only one person has a bid at a certain price. Bids usually start at one penny, a bidder can then place a bid at two pennies. Until another bidder places a higher bid, the most recent bidder will be the lowest unique bid because that was the only bid at two cents and nobody bid higher. However, penny auctions generally don’t stop at one penny. It is not uncommon to find auctions that end up at a couple hundred dollars based on the popularity of the item being auctioned. However, the same principles apply for those auctions. Highest unique bid auctions follow the more traditional auction format such as eBay. The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction wins the item.

Auction site owners turn a profit by selling bids. Say twenty people are bidding on a ten dollar gift card at one dollar per bid, at the end of the auction if there were twenty bids placed in total then the site owner would have made twenty dollars with a ten dollar profit.Auctions do seem like a win-win situation:The site owner makes money while the bidder gets an item for dirt cheap. However, not everyone wins in penny auctions. The people who paid one dollar each bid but left with nothing to show for their investments will not be so happy.


Penny auction has a lot of chance mixed into it, but one can incorporate strategy that will help raise the chances of winning. Playing smart can make all the difference between gambling and auctioning.

The first crucial tip to winning penny auctions is to know how to manage your bids. Your goal should be to win as much as possible without spending a ton of money buying bids. Managing your bids means that you should already know how much you are willing to risk in order to win an item. The amount of capital you are willing to risk will determine how many bids you can use. Once you know how many bids you have to spend on an item, then you will be better able to manage how and when you place a bid. That will keep you from blowing away all of your bids in the first few seconds of the auction.

The next tip is to practice time management. When fighting in the trenches of penny auctions, you have two enemies: other bidders and time. Knowing when to bid is a must if you want to have success. Placing a bid when there is a lot of time left on the clock is never a good idea. You have to remember that the key to winning a penny auction is being the last one standing when the clock runs out and that each bid increases the amount of time left. It would be a good practice to wait until the last few minutes of the auction before you begin to bid.

The final tip for successful auctioning is to keep your emotions under control.Auctions have a lot of similarities to gambling, and just like gambling, your spending can get out of control. If you keep your emotions level, it will keep you from making rash decisions and blowing loads of cash. Keep your mind clear so that you can gage the behavior of the other bidders and outsmart them.


Penny auctions are a great addition to the web whether you want to win an item that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to afford or if you simply enjoy the thrill that comes with bidding in auctions. Unfortunately, scam sites have tarnished the reputation of the legitimate penny auction sites. However, there are ways that you can protect yourself from scamers and enjoy your auctioning without having to worry about losing your money due to dishonesty.

Checking the reputation of the auction site before you start spending your hard earned money is always a good idea. Chances are other people have tried the site before you and some of them have left reviews. The reviews are your way to gage whether a auction site is trustworthy or not. If a site is getting overwhelmingly negative reviews, then that is a clear indication that you should steer your business elsewhere.

Another tool you can use to protect yourself is checking the Alexia ranks of the auction sites. Alexia rank will give a solid view of how much traffic the auction is getting. If you see a huge difference in the amount of traffic Alexia is projecting and the amount of active bidders on the site, then warning signals should be ringing in your head. Some auction sites have been known to set up robots that automatically bid on projects in order to keep the auction going and inflate the price. That is known as shill bidding. You can sniff out those sites by comparing the traffic the site should be getting to the amount of users using this site.


New legislation may come out later down the road that will officially make penny auctions gambling, but until then, it is a fun, exciting auction that allows one to win the item they’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.Auctions are also quite lucrative for the site owners because of the pay-per-bid strategy they’ve incorporated. Penny auctions had humble beginnings with farmers who just wanted to get back at the banks who kicked them out of their house. More recently, auctions have enjoyed an explosion in popularity with the rise of the internet.

There are two main formats fora auctions, lowest and highest unique auction, however they both run on the same premise where the last unique bid wins the item. Winning a penny auction will require a certain amount of mental tactic and a bit of luck. However, you can increase your odds of winning by practicing certain techniques such as managing your bids wisely, learning how to work with the time, and keeping a level head and your emotions under control. When you combine those three strategies to your bidding plan, you will find that you win a lot more often.

It is important that you do your due diligence to protect yourself when participating in auctions. Not every auction is run by honest and trustworthy people. There are people out there who just want to take your money. You can protect yourself by ensuring that you only bid on sites that already have a very positive reputation from real users.

Effective Ways to Find a Home Based Business Opportunity

Home based business opportunity is sought-after these days because many people are looking for ways to get extra income from home. It usually refers to being able to earn from projects or work done at home either on a regular basis or as part-time. A business from home could mean getting enough time with the family and working with great flexibility.When you have a home business, you can set your own schedule to accomplish tasks in a day, week or month. You also need to determine how to succeed in your endeavour on your own; not by someone else’s command or rules. It is better than being bounded to work from 9am to 5pm as in regular jobs and saves you time from travelling and sometimes, grooming.The opportunities for home based business come in various forms. It can be small businesses like crafts, product networking or distributorship or it can be done online with your computer. It can also involve selling items for a certain company and earn commission from every sale or it can involve marketing products and getting paid for it. It can be developed from scratch or it can be an existing company in which you take business partnership with.To effectively find the home based business opportunity that is right for you, you need to do the following:Use the internet for its vast resources. There are plenty of ideas coming from various websites in the internet. Aside from being able to read tips and guides on how to set up a home based business, you will find great opportunities to work from home and start your own business.
Contact other people who are involved in home business. There may be friends or relatives who are involved in home based business or work from home jobs and they may have the opportunity for you so do not hesitate to call them, ask them about it or even ask for ways to get into the job/business.
Search through classified ads. There are home based business opportunities that you can get through your newspaper’s classified ads. Be aware of this and grab those that you think works for you.Searching through the home based business opportunities mentioned above can be fun. You will see that there are many opportunities out there that can help you get that extra income that you need working from home.